Dennis Bouwman

Full Name
D.D. Bouwman
+31 20 592 4240
Dennis Bouwman


In 2016 I graduated the Double Degree Programme at the TU Delft. With Bachelor degrees in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics in my pocket, I had to decide which career path to pursue. Eventually I found my calling and enrolled for the master programme in Applied Mathematics with a focus on Computational Science. Armed with a computer and a healthy dose of tenacity I set about to explain the physical world. Currently I am working as a PhD student in the Multiscale Dynamics group on analysing the production of chemically active species (e.g. excitation, ionization or dissociation of gas molecules) during a streamer discharge. My goal is to use high-fidelity three-dimensional simulations to provide an accurate description of how streamers 'activate' a gas. This research is being conducted within the framework of Plasma-Assisted Combustion. I hope that somewhere in the future, my work will have contributed to the development of clean combustion alternatives.