Davide Ceolin

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Dr. D. Ceolin
+31 20 592 4067
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Davide Ceolin


I am a tenured researcher in the Human-Centered Data Analytics group at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI). My research interests are centered around the challenge of assessing the quality of online information in a transparent, explainable, and (semi-)automated manner. I served the Credible Web W3C community group. I have been selected as the first joint fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Data Science Center of the University of Amsterdam. I obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2014.


My research tackles information quality assessment online from a broad perspective. As such, I am interested both in the development of computational methods to assess it, as well as in the socio-economic impact of the quality of the information online.

Topics I deal with in my research are:

  • Crowdsourcing for information quality and credibility assessment;
  • Distributed system for information quality assessment;
  • Theoretical Information Quality Models;
  • Logic Frameworks for Trust and Information Quality Management;
  • Analysis of the Perception of Social Phenomena;
  • Quality Assessment of Semantic Publishing.


All publications


  • eTEC Call 2020 (2021)

Current projects with external funding

  • The eye of the beholder: Transparent pipelines for assessing online information quality (The eye of the beholder)