Podcast: Companies craving for quantum software

Harry Buhrman (CWI, QuSoft) spoke in the Superscience podcast series on the new possibilities that quantum software will offer society and businesses.

Publication date
7 Dec 2021

In the podcast series Superscience, CWI and QuSoft researcher Harry Buhrman talked about the quantum software that can run on the future quantum computer. Even though there is currently no commercially available quantum computer that can solve practical problems, industry has already shown considerable interest in the new possibilities of the quantum computer. 

"Big industry cannot afford to wait until the quantum computer is fully developed," Buhrman says in the podcast. The expectation is that quantum software can accelerate the development of new medicines and materials, among other things, and can also solve some logistical computation problems much faster than a classical computer.

The Superscience podcast series is presented by Thijs Doorenbosch of AG Connect and is produced in cooperation with CWI.