INFORMS Khachiyan Prize for Monique Laurent

The INFORMS Optimization Society announced that Monique Laurent won the 2023 Khachiyan Prize for outstanding life-time achievements in optimization.

Publication date
9 Oct 2023

The jury said that the prize for Monique Laurent (CWI and Tilburg University) is “for deep structural and algorithmic results in combinatorial, semidefinite, and polynomial optimization, which have led to surprising new mathematical insights at the interface between continuous and discrete optimization, and applications in other areas such as discrete geometry or quantum information”.


Monique Laurent says: “I am very honoured to receive this prize, named after mathematician Leonid Khachiyan whose fundamental contributions to optimization are also essential for much of the work I have been doing. Using the ellipsoid algorithm, Khachiyan was in 1979 the first to prove that linear optimization can be solved in polynomial time. Such optimization problems are ubiquitous in applications areas such as logistics, manufacturing, transport and telecommunication. His method also led to the first theoretically good algorithm for the field of semidefinite programming, one of my core research areas”.

She adds: “This prize is also a tribute to my colleagues with whom I have collaborated throughout the years. Making progress in science is a joint, collaborative effort, where we build on the earlier knowledge, adding new bits of insight. I am also thankful to my PhD students, working with them is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience”.


Since 1997, Monique Laurent has been a senior researcher at CWI and from 2009 also a professor at Tilburg University. Between 2005-2016 she was head of CWI’s Networks and Optimization (N&O) research group, and from 2016-2021 she served as a member of the CWI Management Team. In 2022 she became CWI Fellow. She received many recognitions for her work. Among others, she became a SIAM Fellow (2017), a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) (2018), and a member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) in 2019.

Award ceremony

The INFORMS Optimization Society 2023 Khachiyan Prize will be presented at the Optimization Society's business meeting on 15 October during the INFORMS National Meeting in Indianapolis, USA. The other winner of this prize is Renato Monteiro (Georgia Tech).

The selection committee for this year’s INFORMS Optimization Society Khachiyan Prize consisted of Michel Goemans (chair), Karen Aardal, Yurii Nesterov, and Stephen Wright. The prize comprises $3,000 and a citation certificate.

Monique Laurent (CWI and UvT) with the 2023 INFORMS Khachiyan Prize certificate. Picture: CWI.
Monique Laurent (CWI and UvT) with the 2023 INFORMS Khachiyan Prize certificate. Picture: CWI.