How can AI help to collect waste?

In the new edition of CWI/AG Connect podcast series Superscience, Thijs Doorenbosch discusses Responsible AI and Urban Analytics with CWI/HvA's Nanda Piersma.

Publication date
23 Aug 2021

App developers themselves are often excited about the benefits of their creation. But are users as well? And do they remain enthusiastic? Trust plays an important role in the decision to use a digital service. As digitization becomes more important, we need to think about how trust in digital services is created and damaged.

Editor Thijs Doorenbosch of AG Connect talks to Nanda Piersma of the CWI and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Nanda explains more about the Urban Analytics project she leads in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam. This project is focused on improving the waste collection in Amsterdam with help of relevant data. Which data should we use and why? And what do we get out of it?

Furthermore: filter bubbles. Do filter bubbles really exist and what are the terms and conditions for the existence of filter bubbles? How can we analyze bubbles with the help of mathematics?

The Superscience podcast series is produced in collaboration with research institute Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

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