Eickhoff and de Vries win Microsoft Bing Most Innovative Award

Publication date
23 Feb 2011

Carsten Eickhoff (Delft University of Technology) and Arjen de Vries (CWI  and Delft University of Technology) have won the Microsoft Bing Most Innovative Award, awarded at the CSDM workshop 2011 in Hong Kong. Their awarding winning paper “How Crowdsourcable is Your Task?” aims to identify measures to make a crowdsource task more resistant to fraudulent attempts.

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new concept. Briefly, it means that a task unexecutable by a computer is being outsourced to human volunteers, sometimes against a small fee. An example is judging whether a website is suitable for children. This way, in a short amount of time large databases can be created that are useful to all kinds of research. Crowdsourcing is sensitive to people who are after the fee and consequently generate random answers. This happens frequently and it makes it hard to interpret data obtained by crowdsourcing the right way. Eickhoff and de Vries have proposed measures to help banish these kind of practices.

The Microsoft Bing Innovative Award is recognized to the most novel and innovative paper on crowdsourcing. Selection criteria are creativity, originality and potential impact of the described proposal.


More information on the CSDM 2011 workshop: