Paul Klint appointed CWI Fellow

Publication date
5 Jan 2012

Paul Klint has been appointed CWI Fellow per January 1, 2012. This distinction is given to prominent researchers at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam for their contribution to CWI's research and administration. From 2002 to 2011, Klint served as head of the Software Engineering department and research leader of the Software Analysis and Transformation group. Klint is also part-time professor and director of the Software Engineering Master’s degree program at the University of Amsterdam.

The central theme in Klint’s research is software engineering: understanding existing software and developing tools for systematic improvement of software. In his research group, Klint developed the meta programming language RASCAL ( As a Fellow, Klint will investigate software visualisation, domain-specific languages and interactive learning environments.

Klint co-founded the Software Improvement Group (SIG), a very succesful CWI spin-off. SIG now has over 70 employees and won the 2008 ICT Regie Award. In 2009, Paul Klint was responsible for the cooperation with the French research institute INRIA, aiming at strengthening the European research infrastructure. Until 2008, Klint was chairman of ICT-research Platform Nederland (IPN), where he worked at the development of computer science research in The Netherlands. During his presidency, he succeeded in integrating computer science in the field of ICT.

Klint published more than a hundred papers, supervised thirty PhD’s and over a hundred master students.