After-work activities

Our Activity committee organizes after-work activities to help new employees connect with each other and get to know other people working at CWI. Their goal is to make free time pleasant and engaging.

meet & greet

A variety of activities for everyone

The activity committee organizes a large variety of events, like themed parties (casino night, tropical party), pot luck dinners, workshops (soap making), tournaments (chess, foosball, beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee), ice skating, movie nights, tea tasting sessions, outings (trip to Texel) and so on.

For new employees and students we organize a meet & greet twice a year.


Beach volleyball is one of many sports activities that are organized by the Activity committee.

beach volleyball

Potluck dinners

Every year there is a potluck dinner where everybody brings homemade food.

potluck dinner


In the activity room at CWI we have a foosball table and we also organize foosball tournaments.


Casino party

Once a year we have a casino party with blackjack, roulette and pokertables.

casino party with blackjack and poker