Why CWI?

CWI has excellent terms of employment and a great working environment.

Four good reasons to join CWI

Our salaries are competitive, including a holiday and a year-end bonus that almost sums up to two extra monthly salaries. You also participate in a pension scheme via ABP, for which CWI pays the greater part for you. ABP is the largest pension fund in the Netherlands.

CWI invests in the personal development of its employees. There are many opportunities to follow courses, workshops and trainings.

We offer free commute when you travel by public transport.

Read more about our attractive terms of employment here.

CWI offers flexible scheduling of working hours, possibility to work part-time from home, a generous amount of holidays up to approx. 42 days per year. You could also sell some of your holiday hours. We pay a compensation for working at home and workplace facilities at your home.

You could also choose to work part-time if that suits you. For parents we of course offer paid parental and maternity leave.

CWI values an intellectually challenging work environment. This can only be achieved when everyone feels at home and safe: we work hard to secure this. CWI highly values diversity on all fronts, like gender, LGBTIQ+, cultural backgrounds, etcetera. We have a truly international working environment, in which around 30 nationalities are represented.

We regularly have social gatherings, in general, but also organized by our lively activity committee including gaming and film nights. CWI even offers yoga, mindfulness, chair massage at CWI, and a discount at the gym at the Amsterdam Science Park campus.

CWI is closely connected to all universities in the Netherlands (and abroad). These are in close proximity, which makes it easy to cooperate with your peers.

For most expat PhD-students, there are student apartments available near the CWI building.

We are located at the Amsterdam Science Park on walking distance from the NS railway station. The city center of Amsterdam is only 15 minutes by bike away from CWI, but we also have nice restaurants across the street, or you can just take a stroll in the park nearby during your lunch break.

yoga class

CWI cares for its employees

CWI offers free yoga and mindfulness classes. Feel free to join!

table football

There's plenty of room for social activities

In between work our staff likes to get together, for example for a game of foosball in our activity room. CWI's activity committee organizes fun activities for research as well as support staff.