N&O seminar: Stefan Schmid (TU Berlin)

Everyone is welcome to attend the next N&O seminar with Stefan Schmid with the title 'Self-Adjusting Networks'.

15 Jun 2022 from 11 a.m. to 15 Jun 2022 noon CEST (GMT+0200)
L0.17 and online

Everyone is welcome to attend the next N&O seminar with Stefan Schmid with the title 'Self-Adjusting Networks'.

The talk will take place in L017 at CWI, along with zoom support for remote participants. For more information and registration to get the Zoom link via e-mail, please contact Willem Feijen (willem.feijen at cwi.nl), Samarth Tiwari (samarth.tiwari at cwi.nl) or Sven Polak (sven.polak at cwi.nl).

Abstract: This talk will present the vision of self-adjusting networks: communication networks whose physical topology adapts to the traffic pattern it serves, in a demand-aware manner. Such networks are enabled by emerging reconfigurable optical technologies. It will be shown that the benefit of self-adjusting networks depends on the amount of “structure” there is in the demand, and an information-theoretical approach to measure the complexity of traffic traces will be presented to derive entropy-based metrics accordingly. Optimal offline and online algorithms to design self-adjusting networks whose performance matches the derived metrics asymptotically will be discussed.