Dutch Seminar on Optimization (online series) with Friedrich Eisenbrand (EPFL Lausanne)

The Dutch Seminar on Optimization is an initiative to bring together researchers from the Netherlands and beyond, with topics that are centered around Optimization in a broad sense. We would like to invite all researchers, especially also PhD students, who are working on related topics to join the events.

3 Mar 2022 from 4 p.m. to 3 Mar 2022 5 p.m. CET (GMT+0100)

Speaker:  Friedrich Eisenbrand (EPFL Lausanne) 


Algorithms for Integer Programming


Integer programming is a very versatile discrete optimisation problem with many applications in science and engineering. From the viewpoint of algorithms and complexity, it is an active area of research that offers interesting and visible open problems.  In this talk, I will survey some recent results on the complexity of integer programming. These include the general integer programming problem in standard form with small coefficients. Here field of parameterised complexity has developed tools to provide lower bounds on the complexity of IP based on the exponential time hypothesis (ETH). The goal of this talk is to give an overview on recent progress and open problems in this area.  

The lecture will be given online. Please visit the website for more information and the zoom link.