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At the forefront of multimedia and security standards

In recent years CWI researchers have contributed to the development of new international standards for three-dimensional video and post-quantum cryptography. In the near future this will lead to new multimedia formats for …


Understanding users to optimise 3D experiences

Silvia Rossi of CWI's Distributed & Interactive Systems group is working on two areas of understanding user interactions in immersive media. She tells all about it in this story.


DIS Co-organizes a Dagstuhl Seminar in Social XR

Pablo Cesar, from the Distributed and Interactive Systems group (DIS) of CWI, has co-organized the Dagstuhl Seminar #23482, titled “Social XR: The Future of Communication and Collaboration.


DIS Group of CWI at Immersive Tech Week 2023: facilitating the convergence of NLP and XR

On November 29th, the Distributed & Interactive Systems (DIS) group was invited to participate at the Immersive Tech Week 2023.


Best ACM SIGMM 2023 PhD Thesis Award for Silvia Rossi

Researcher Silvia Rossi (DIS group) has been awarded the SIGMM 2023 award for outstanding PhD thesis during the ACM International conference on Multimedia (ACM MM 2023) in Ottawa, Canada.


CWI’s lectures on Digital Cultural Heritage

Where mathematics, computer science and humanities meet.

CWI Algemeen 2022 09 29-021

One year of AI, Media and Democracy Lab

A report of the first annual Community Meeting

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Pablo Cesar (CWI) Keynotes “Towards Volumetric Video Conferencing" Around the World

Prof. Pablo Cesar from the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group from CWI and TU Delft keynoted the talk “Towards Volumetric Video Conferencing” in different venues in Europe and Latin America.

Pablo Cesar Steropsia