Abstract and bio of Matthijs Jansen

Matthijs Jansen and Jos Frederiks with "How do we attract the next generation of COBOL developers"


How do you attract people to become the next generation of Cobol developers and how do you recognize talent hidden in people. Quuks launched a successful pilot together with Createment in 2023 and now it is time to expand. We will take you on the journey on how we were able to attract 100 applicants per week in the final phase of the pilot. The focus is not only on the trainees but also; what role do employers have in becoming attractive to this new generation of Cobol developers.


Matthijs Jansen is the founder of Quuks and has over 20 years of experience in IT recruitment and IT education. Throughout his career he has been focusing on DEI to make teams more sustainable. With Quuks he is on a mission to find a solution for a global problem of shortages of Cobol/ Mainframe developers. Making use of the talent hidden in diversity and inclusion, a whole new world of great talent opens up as a key to guarantee a next generation of Cobol/ Mainframe developers.

Matthijs Jansen
Matthijs Jansen