Abstract and bio of Mark Grotenhuis and Ed van der Geest

Mark Grotenhuis an Ed van der Geest with "(Application) Modernization - a journey into the future"


1. Micro Focus COBOL

We will outline the relevance of Micro Focus COBOL and our approach on modernization. Micro Focus has helped >250 customers transforming their Mainframe based COBOL / PL1 applications to a future ready, containerized, Cloud delivered, performing and robust applications.

2. De Volksbank and Micro Focus

We will describe the journey as technology partners moving from the Mainframe to AIX and the future toward Linux.


Mark Grotenhuis - Account Director Netherlands
Mark started as a I-Series platform manager. In 2000 changed role from the customer to solution architect with a vendor and in this role always related to Host Based systems.
From 2004 moved into a commercial role and now commercially responsible for the Mainframe rehosting projects within the Netherlands and Finland

Ed van der Geest - Lead Product Owner at de Volksbank.
After a study Business Computer Science started as a Cobol developer in 1989. Made the move to de Volksbank in 2000 after various positions. Currently working as Product Owner and responsible for the running of our core banking application SAS.