Abstract and bio of Joris Mertens

Joris Mertens with "Developer Advocate IBM Z Community"


Z Skills Attract & Retain new talent

Most modern IT enterprise landscapes rely on the technology of Mainframe infrastructure and hosted applications.
With the challenge of attracting new talents for organizations, IBM provides a free, hands-on, and self-paced platform to engage and train new professionals. Covering the basics of z/OS, COBOL, JCL, REXX and much more using VSCode as the most used developer interface IBM ZXplore skilled up over more than 40.000 people already. Learn all about the platform, the possibility to connect your organization with the audience and become part of the community today.


Joris Mertens is working for IBM as Developer Advocate where he is driving the European IBM Z community by connecting organizations with the developer communities and students who might become your future new hires.