NWO Pride meeting 8 May 2023 @SRON

On Monday 8 May 2023, the next NWO Pride meeting will take place at SRON: Netherlands Institute for Space Research, in Leiden.

8 May 2023 from noon to 8 May 2023 2:30 p.m. CEST (GMT+0200)
SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

All diversity interested colleagues are cordially invited to join this NWO LGBTQI+ event including our Workplace Pride colleagues from the University of Leiden, TU Delft, ASML etc.

LGBTQI+ means the full spectrum of the human experience including S(traight) and (C)is. Letters keep being added because the deeper we look the more variances we see. Everyone has a place in the spectrum, in the rainbow

NWO aims for excellent science that flourishes and has maximum impact on our society. Stimulating an inclusive scientific culture that takes diversity in the broadest sense into account is a key component to that aim. Inclusion and diversity lead to inspiration, creativity and innovation.

Time and location
The meeting will start at 12:00 hours, with a light lunch. Enjoy this time to settle down and network.
The official program starts at 12:30 hours sharp. Afterwards we’ll close with coffee and tea.

The meeting takes place at SRON in Leiden. Please find the directions through the link below.


We will have the following speakers:

  • Ilse Aben
    Senior Scientist at SRON,
    Professor at VU University

  • Tana Joseph
    Equity, Diversity & Inclusion coordinator for Dutch astronomy (NAIEC)
    Postdoc at University of Amsterdam

  • Russell Shipman
    Research Scientist at SRON

  • Marjolein Verkouter
    Head of Technical Operations and R&D JIVE

  • Introduction by
    Annemiek Beers, Director operations at SRON
    Léon Ouwerkerk, HR manager at CWI

The top four will tell us about their work/research, and share their personal story.

The goal of the afternoon is to hear from LGBTQI+ colleagues and learn from them. Furthermore, the goal is to show support towards NWO’s LGBTQI+ employees, to create awareness about LGBTQI+ in general, to learn from each other, to connect people and to network.

Target group
All LGBTQI+ employees of NWO, straight allies, Workplace Pride members, and professionals like diversity officers, heads of HR etc.

Participation is free of charge. If you would like to join the meeting, please follow the link below, where you will continue to enroll. In this way, we know how many people we can expect and prepare the badges.

https://www.cwi.nl/en/events/nwo-pride-meeting-8-may-2023-sron/ or Click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Russell Shipman, email R.F.Shipman@sron.nl or Léon Ouwerkerk, e-mail: L.J.Ouwerkerk@cwi.nl.