Research Semester Programs in 2024

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AI's impact on Society, Media & Democracy

The emergence of powerful AI is rapidly pervading our digital society and has the potential to profoundly transform people's public and private lives. We explore how we can ensure that these developments are both enriching, beneficial and fair for society as a whole.

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Media interview

Uncertainty Quantification for High-Dimensional Problems

Uncertainty quantification (UQ) aims at establishing the reliability of predictions made by computational models. This program introduces the topic of UQ to a wide range of researchers, and brings together both national and international UQ experts.

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Spring school on Social XR (2nd edition)

Social XR systems promise to overcome the limitations of current real-time teleconferencing systems, enabling a better sense of immersion, increasing the sense of presence and fostering more natural interpersonal interactions.

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Immersive technologies and VR glasses