CWI Lectures on Database Research (2020)

This year’s edition of the CWI Lectures revolves around database research and the work of CWI research fellow Martin Kersten. He joined CWI in 1985 and established a world-renowned database research group before retiring in February 2020.

The Lectures are aimed towards a general academic public and the program committee consists of Stefan Manegold and Peter Boncz.

Due to restrictions to curb the spread of the corona virus, this event is held via a live video stream. 

The program of the CWI Lectures:
- Peter Boncz and Stefan Manegold (CWI, Netherlands) Welcome and Introduction (video)
- Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL, Switzerland) - Nothing is for granted: Making wise decisions using real-time intelligence (pdfvideo)
- Gerhard Weikum (MPI, Germany) - Machine Knowledge: How I Stopped Worrying about Databases and Started Loving the Web (video)
- Break
- Gustavo Alonso (ETH, Switzerland) - Data Processing in the Era of Specialization (pdf / video)
- Patrick Valduriez (Inria & LeanXcale, France) - Distributed Database Systems: the case for NewSQL (pdfvideo)
- Royal decoration for Martin Kersten, by Hilde van Garderen (deputy mayor of Almere) (video)
- Martin Kersten (CWI & MonetDB, Netherlands) - The loose ends of my CWI career (pdfvideo)
- Virtual drinks

More information about the speakers and their presentation can be found here.

For inquiries and further details about the Lectures, please contact event coordinator Daniëlle Kollerie ( .