An ICAI (Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence) Lab is a research collaboration between industrial, governmental, or not-for-profit partners on the one hand and knowledge institutes on the other hand.

ICAI Labs focus on AI technology and house a minimum of five PhD students. The Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence supports these labs and strengthens them in a national role. CWI is founding partner in 2 labs.

Cultural AI Lab

Cultural AI Lab bridges the gap between cultural heritage institutes, the humanities, and informatics. AI plays a crucial role in analysing digitised cultural collections and making them accessible. Cultural AI Lab wants to harness the potential of AI for cultural research, and make the technology aware of cultural context.

Core research themes revolve around public values such as diversity and inclusivity. The lab investigates how technology can deal with biases in data, account for multiple perspectives and subjective interpretations, and bridge cultural differences.

Laura Hollink from our HCDA group is co-director of the lab.

Photo: Gallery at Rijksmuseum, by Erik Smits

gallery at Rijksmuseum

Explainable AI for Health Lab

Clinical decision support based on AI can have great added value for physicians as well as patients. AI models can be very powerful, but it is not always easy to explain how they arrive at a certain prediction. This hampers its use for medical applications.

Explainable AI for Health is developing new forms of AI that lead to models that are inherently explainable as much as possible, so that physicians and patients can understand why a certain prediction is made.

Scientific directors are Peter Bosman, leader of the Evolutionary Intelligence group, and Tanja Alderliesten.

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