4. Where do I find literature on my topic? Library catalogue

The first place to look for literature is the Discovery catalogue. This is a Google like search engine which lists publications available in the CWI library, but also in other libraries in and outside The Netherlands. This is usefull if a publication is not present in the CWI library.

If a publications is physically available in the library, you will find a shelf mark to locate the publication. If a publication is available online, you can click the button "View eBook", or "Access journal". Please note that much electronic publications are only available within the CWI domain.

The Science Library of the University of Amsterdam is located across the street at Science Park 904. A desktop is available for walk-in users. You may access e-publications which are not available to us. Check their catalogue first.
To borrow an item from the Science Library you need a library pass. You may obtain such a pass free of charge if you can show the librarian a statement that you are employed by CWI. This statement may be obtained from our information desk. The pass doed not entitle you to a user account for the UvA's regular PC's.

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