3. What are the characteristics of scientific publications and how do I identify the different types of publications in references? Articles in books, or collection of articles

A collection of articles is usually a one time publication. Articles are usually on a common theme or subject or because of a special occasion, in honour of someone or something, e.g. a jubilee or a retirement. Papers are often invited by the organizing committee or the board of editors.


Jeff Conklin Dialog mapping: reflections on an industrial strength case study In: Paul A. Kirschner, Simon J. Buckingham Shum and Chad S. Carr (Eds.). Visualizing argumentation. Software tools for collaborative and educational sense-making. Springer, 2003


[30] B.C. Pierce, D.N. Turner Pict: a programming languages based on the pi-calculus. In: G. Plotkin, C. Stirling and M. Tofte (Eds.). Proof, Language and Interaction. Essays in honour of Robin Milner. MIT Press. Cambridge, MA. 2000.. 455-494 Also published as: TR CSCI 476, Indiana University. 1997

In the above, to see if the paper is available in the library, look up one or a combination of the editors. If editors are not mentioned you should try to look up the title of the book and not the title of the article. In the above example it is Proof, Language and Interaction. You can also try checking on the author whether the paper is available as a technical report.


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