SWAT has a strong vision and tradition in developing open-source software. We believe that our software development strengthens the experimental validation as well as the transfer of research results. Some of the projects can be called large scale (> 5 years, > 5 programmers) and also serve as inspiration for research questions in software engineering.

This is a list of software projects which are currently in production or active maintenance by SWAT group members:

  1. Rascal - a domain specific language for source code oriented meta programming (extraction, analysis, transformation, generation, visualization)
  2. Ensō - a theoretically sound and practical reformulation of the concepts of model-driven software development
  3. Rebel - a domain specific language for modelling, simulation, verification and generation of scalable and trustworthy enterprise software systems
  4. Derric - a domain specific language for digital forensics 
  5. Iguana - a data-dependent context-free general parsing framework
  6. Meerkat - a scala library for data-dependent general parsing based in combinator-parsing style

Software of the past, which is still in use but not actively developed by SWAT group members anymore:

  • SDF2 - a syntax definition formalism and parser generator framework based on general context-free grammars, disambiguation rules and scannerless generalized LR parsing.
  • ASF+SDF Meta-Environment - a language workbench for definition of programming languages and the generation of analysis and transformation tools and IDE's.
  • ATerm library - a general term library for C and Java that employs maximal sub-term sharing
  • Sisyphus - a modular continuous integration system and software knowledge base
  • External open-source projects that our members contributed to are:
  • IMP - Eclipse IDE Meta Tooling Platform
  • SLPS - Software Language Processing Suite Meganalysis - 101 Companies