TECHNICAL ART HISTORY SERIES - Digital imaging methods for Cultural Heritage

Experience from the Ghent Altarpiece; Macro Scale Chemical Imaging on Works by Van Eyck

The seminars are part of the Technical Art History Series in Advanced Imaging Technologies for Cultural Heritage organized by the Rijksmuseum, the Computational Imaging group at CWI Amsterdam, and the Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities.

Please join us on Tuesday May 25 (3-4.30 pm CET), June 8 (4-5.30 pm CET) and June 22 (4-5.30 pm CEST). Please register following the link or QR code on the poster.

Tuesday May 25 (3-4.30 pm CET)
Talk 1
Title: Artificial intelligence in art conservation and preservation: Experience from the Ghent Altarpiece
Speakers: Aleksandra Pizurica (Gent University)
Talk 2
Title: Macro Scale Chemical Imaging on works by Van Eyck
Speakers: Geert van der Snickt (University of Antwerp)

Tuesday June 8 (4-5.30 pm CET)
Title: Tools for Making Sense of Cultural Heritage Data
Speakers: Holly Rushmeier (Yale University)

Tuesday June 22 (4-5.30 pm CEST)
Title: Point cloud to Sound cloud: Digital Innovation and Historic Sound at Linlithgow Palace
Speakers: Sophia Mirashrafi (Historic Environment Scotland), James Cook (Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland)