Algorithms and Complexity group news

Four quantum information pioneers speaking at QuSoft/CWI

On 11 November, celebrated quantum information scientists and longtime collaborators Charlie Bennet and Gilles Brassard gave a lecture at QuSoft at CWI, being awarded the 2023 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. As a surprise, other winners Peter Shor and David Deutsch joined online.

Outsourcing computations to a quantum computer you can’t trust

Quantum computers hold great promise, but to what extent can we trust the outcome of these elusive machines? In her PhD thesis, Yfke Dulek investigates ways to delegate computations to a quantum computer, focussing on the question how trustworthy the outcomes will be. Her research could pave the way for creating security guarantees in quantum computing.

QuSoft anniversary kicks off

The festivities celebrating five years of QuSoft research start today, with an online seminar including interviews, presentations and panel discussions. The seminar is the opening act for a whole series of celebrations, scheduled this month.

New workshop prepares companies for quantum age

QuSoft, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Dutch banks launch a new monthly workshop, hosted by Marten Teitsma and Koen Groenland. The workshop addresses the need for companies to explore and develop quantum software and new applications.

Quantum.Amsterdam: The new quantum innovation hub

CWI, the University of Amsterdam, and QuSoft have jointly established a new innovation hub for developing quantum software and applications. The Quantum.Amsterdam hub aims to connect the ambitions of leading knowledge institutes and industry partners.

Introducing Women In Quantum Development

Bringing women in quantum research together to form a professional and informal network. With that goal in mind, CWI researcher Stacey Jeffery and colleagues started the WIQD network. WIQD now aims to bring its mission into practice with a symposium for all quantum researchers in science, industry, and policy.

'Kwantumcomputing heeft juridisch kader nodig'

De ontwikkelingen in kwantumcomputers gaan hard. Hoe kunnen we ons voorbereiden op de gevolgen van deze nieuwe technologie? Joran van Apeldoorn en Ot van Daalen pleiten in AG Connect voor een Europees juridisch kader rondom kwantumcomputing.

Theoretical games explore the limits of quantum entanglement

The elusive phenomenon of quantum entanglement could enable unparalleled possibilities, but exactly how powerful are they? CWI researcher Tom Bannink explored cooperative games to assess when entanglement provides an advantage over our classical world. Bannink will defend his PhD thesis today, at the University of Amsterdam.

Mathematical tools reconstruct ancient genetic code

The genetic code of the last universal common ancestor of all present life on earth, appears to be surprisingly advanced. In his PhD thesis, Peter van der Gulik provides mathematical tools to reconstruct this genetic code. He also proposes a new parameter to characterize the genetic code that provides information about the production of amino acids.