Joost Batenburg

Full Name
Prof.dr. K.J. Batenburg
Professor - Universiteit Leiden, Groupleader, Scientific Staff Member
+31 20 592 4037
Computational Imaging


Joost Batenburg published more than 80 journal articles and more than 60 conference papers in the field of tomographic image processing and reconstruction. From 2013 till 2017 he chaired the EU COST Action EXTREMA on advanced X-ray tomography. He pioneered the field of discrete tomography, developing the first large-scale reconstruction methods. His current research focuses on creating a real-time tomography pipeline, funded by an NWO Vici grant. He is responsible for the FleX-Ray lab, where a custom-designed CT system is linked to advanced data processing and reconstruction algorithms.


Current projects with external funding

  • Mathematics and Algorithms for 3D Imaging of Dynamic Processes ()
  • Non-destructive 3D spectral imaging: applications in the poultry industry ()
  • PPS contract Planmeca ()
  • Real-Time 3D Tomography ()
  • CT for Art: from Images to Patterns (IMPACT4Art)
  • MUltiscale, Multimodal and Multidimensional imaging for EngineeRING (MUMMERING)
  • Universal Three-dimensiOnal Passport for process Individualization in Agriculture (UTOPIA)
  • Enabling X-ray CT based Industry 4.0 process chains by training Next Generation research experts (xCTing)

Professional activities

  • Professor: Universiteit Leiden
  • Chair: International Association for Pattern Recognition - [IAPR] - Technical Committee on Discrete Geometry
  • Chair: EU COST Action EXTREMA
  • Editor: Associate Editor of Image Processing Online (IPOL)
  • Editor: Associate Editor of Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (Springer)
  • Editor: Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging


  • Vici Innovational Research Grant NWO - Real-Time 3D Tomography (2016)
  • Vidi Innovational Research Grant NWO (2010)
  • FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship (2007)
  • FWO Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship (2006)


  • C.J. Kok Prize - January (2007)
  • Philips Mathematics Prize - March (2006)