Dirk Schut

Full Name
D.E. Schut
PhD student
Computational Imaging


I joined the CWI in September 2020 as a PhD student working on the UTOPIA project. The goal of the UTOPIA project is to bring CT scanning to food factories to enable quality control of the inside of food. My role within this project is to research how to adapt reconstruction algorithms to the needs of this new application. At the moment I'm mainly investigating how to reconstruct CT scans when the projection data is acquired from a non-standard geometry, for example objects are moving on a conveyor belt past a fixed source and detector. Before joining the CWI I studied at the Delft University of Engineering. There I completed a bachelor in computer science with a minor in electrical engineering and a double master's degree in computer science and electrical engineering. During my bachelor I participated in the honours track. As part of that I did a research project at the Computer Graphics group on approximating ambient occlusion while rendering ct scan datasets. As the final project for completing my master's I did research at the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam (BIGR) on automatically initializing registrations between CT and 3D ultrasound scans of the liver.


Current projects with external funding

  • Universal Three-dimensiOnal Passport for process Individualization in Agriculture (UTOPIA)