Paul Klint


Full Name Prof.dr. P. Klint
Function(s) CWI-Fellow
Telephone +31 20 592 4126
Room L219
Department(s) CWI Management


Klint's research area is software engineering with particular emphasis on generic programming language technology(how to create language-parameteric methods that apply to all programming languages?),domain-specific languages (how to create dedicated languages that make software development in a specific domain more effective?), analysis and renovation of software (how to understand and improve existing software?), and open source development(how to create communities of programmers?).He is an active opinion leader on intellectual property rights (IPR) and on software and technology transfer and has also been involved in the creation of startup companies.

Selected Publications

  • P. Klint, T. van der Storm, J.J. Vinju, EASY meta-programming with Rascal, Springer, 222-289, 2011
  • P. Klint, T. van der Storm, J.J. Vinju, On the impact of DSL tools on the maintainability of language implementations, ACM, 2010
  • W.J. Fokkink, P. Klint, B. Lisser, Y.S. Usenko, Automated translation and analysis of a ToolBus script for auctions, Springer, 308-323, 2009
  • P. Klint, J.J. Vinju, T. van der Storm, Language design for meta-programming in the software composition domain, Springer, 1-4, 2009
  • J.A. Bergstra, P. Klint, The software invention cube: A classification scheme for software inventions, National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources , New Delhi, India, 293-300, 2008