Monique Laurent

Scientific Staff Member, Group leader

Fullname Prof.dr. M. Laurent
Function(s) Scientific Staff Member, Group leader
Telephone 4105
Room M238
Department(s) Networks and Optimization


Monique Laurent does research in combinatorial optimization. Beside journal articles she published one book and several extensive expository articles. In the recent years she is in particular interested in the use of semidefinite programming and algebraic techniques to design efficient approximations for hard combinatorial problems and, more generally, for polynomial optimization problems, where objective and constraints are polynomial functions.

Selected Publications

  • E.-Nagy, M. Laurent, A. Varvitsiotis, Forbidden minor characterizations for low-rank optimal solutions to semidefinite programs over the elliptope, Academic Press, 40-80, 2014
  • M. Laurent, A. Varvitsiotis, A new graph parameter related to bounded rank positive semidefinite matrix completions., Springer, 291-325, 2014
  • M. Laurent, P. Rostalski, The approach of moments for polynomial equations, Springer, 25-60, 2012
  • J. Gouveia, M. Laurent, P. Parrilo, R. Thomas, A new semidefinite programming hierarchy for cycles in binary matroids and cuts in graphs, Springer, 203-225, 2012
  • M. Laurent, Sums of squares, moment matrices and optimization over polynomials, Springer, 157-270, 2009
  • J.B. Lasserre, M. Laurent, P. Rostalski, Semidefinite characterization and computation of zero-dimensional real radical ideals, Springer, 607-647, 2008
  • N. Gvozdenovic, M. Laurent, Semidefinite bounds for the stability number of a graph via sums of squares of polynomials, Springer, 145-173, 2007
  • M. Laurent, Strengthened semidefinite programming bounds for codes, Springer, 239-261, 2007
  • E. de Klerk, M. Laurent, P. Parrilo, A PTAS for the minimization of polynomials of fixed degree over the simplex, Elsevier, 210-225, 2006