Florian Speelman


Full Name F. Speelman
Function(s) Researcher
Telephone +31 20 592 4193
Room L239
Department(s) Algorithms and Complexity

Recent Publications

  • F. Speelman, Position-based quantum cryptography and catalytic computation, Univ. of Amsterdam, 1-173, 2016
  • J. Briët, H. Buhrman, D. Leung, T. Piovesan, F. Speelman, Round Elimination in Exact Communication Complexity, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz Center of Informatics, 206-225, 2015
  • H. Buhrman, R. Cleve, M. Koucky, B. Loff, F. Speelman, Computing with a full memory: catalytic space, ACM, 857-866, 2014
  • J. Brody, H. Buhrman, M. Koucky, B. Loff, F. Speelman, N.K. Vereshchagin, Towards a Reverse Newman's Theorem in Interactive Information Complexity, IEEE Conference Publishing Services, 24-33, 2013
  • H. Buhrman, S. Fehr, C. Schaffner, F. Speelman, The Garden-Hose Model, 2013