Lex Schrijver

Researcher, CWI-Fellow

Full Name Prof.dr. A. Schrijver
Function(s) Researcher, CWI-Fellow
Telephone +31 20 592 4087
Room M233
Department(s) Networks and Optimization, CWI Management


Lex Schrijver does research in combinatorics, optimization, and algorithms.

Selected Publications

  • M. Laurent, A. Schrijver, On Leonid Gurvits's proof for permanents, M.A.A., 903-911, 2010
  • L. Lovász, A. Schrijver, Dual graph homomorphism functions, Academic Press, 216-222, 2010
  • D. Huisman, L.G. Kroon, E. Abbink, P.J. Fioole, M. Fischetti, G. Maróti, A. Schrijver, A.G. Steenbeek, The new Dutch timetable: The OR revolution, INFORMS, 6-17, 2009
  • A. Schrijver, Tensor subalgebras and first fundamental theorems in invariant theory, Academic Press, 1305-1319, 2008
  • M.H. Freedman, L. Lovász, A. Schrijver, Reflection positivity, rank connectivity, and homomorphisms of graphs, A.M.S., 37-51, 2007


  • Networks
    Networks (eerste fase)