Best Paper Award for CWI researchers at ACM MMsys 2016

Publication date: 23-05-2016

CWI researchers Jan Willem Kleinrouweler, Sergio Cabrero and Pablo Cesar of CWI's Distributed and Interactive Systems group were awarded a prestiguous Best Paper Award by the DASH Industry Forum at the ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (ACM MMsys 2016). The conference was held from 10-13 May in Klagenfurt am Wöhrtersee, Austria.

The researchers received the award for their paper "Delivering Stable High-Quality Video: An SDN Architecture with DASH Assisting Network Elements” on video streaming over the internet. The paper describes a networking architecture for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH). It is based on the Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm and provides a better performance for DASH streams in busy networks.