Joost Batenburg appointed Professor at University of Antwerp, Belgium

Publication date: 02-03-2010

On 1 March Joost Batenburg was appointed Professor of Physics at the University of Antwerp. With Jan Sijbers, he co-leads the research group ASTRA (All Scale Tomographic Reconstruction Antwerp), part of the Vision Lab. Batenburg works in Antwerp for 1 day per week, and at CWI for the remaining days. His research focuses on the development of theory, algorithms and numerical solution techniques for large-scale inverse problems in imaging, an interdisciplinary field with aspects from Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. By augmenting his CWI research on computational aspects of image reconstruction with expertise in imaging physics from Antwerp, new algorithms developed at CWI can immediately find their way towards various imaging applications in medicine, industry and science.

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Foto: Universiteit Leiden