Software Theme

Software is everywhere: not only on our computers and smartphones, but also in TVs, cars, hospitals, banks and countless other products and services that are vital to our lives and society. The more we rely on this software, the more important it is that it is secure, robust and respects our privacy. We need to understand our complex software systems to guarantee their quality and to be able to efficiently develop new software.

Software is also a key enabling technology for the competitiveness of the Netherlands and Europe: software is power. Innovative research is essential for the Netherlands to preserve its standing as a software exporting country.

CWI investigates various aspects of software quality, including understanding complex systems, programming languages, software development, verification of correctness and software security.


Noisy numbers

Although we heavily rely on computations executed by computers, many computations produce inaccurate results. What if computers are wrong?

What is code and what is coding?

There exist thousands of programming languages, but only a dozen of them are popular beyond a few hundred users of the language. Some of them are used by hundreds of thousands of people.