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  • 2012-06-14T07:30:00+02:00
  • 2012-06-14T16:00:00+02:00
June 14 Thursday

14-06-2012 from 07:30 to 16:00

We cordially invite you to attend the "CWI Lectures on Understanding Software" to be held on June 14th 2012 at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam.

  • 2011-10-08T10:00:00+02:00
  • 2011-10-08T15:00:00+02:00
October 8 Saturday

08-10-2011 from 10:00 to 15:00
Science Park 123-125, Amsterdam

Op zaterdagmiddag 8 oktober wordt de jaarlijkse Open Dag van het Science Park Amsterdam georganiseerd. Welkom! Ontdek actie en reactie in wiskunde en informatica bij het CWI.

  • 2011-08-26T13:00:00+02:00
  • 2011-08-27T13:00:00+02:00
August 26 Friday

26-08-2011 13:00 to 27-08-2011 13:00

De Nederlandse tekst volgt na de Engelse The annual summer school for mathematics teachers are informative and inspiring meetings organized by CWI since 1946. The participants and speakers will discuss topics that show the importance of mathematics. Speakers will show applications of mathematics in professional situations. The theme of this year is Symmetrie. The course will be in Dutch.

  • 2011-06-14T11:30:00+02:00
  • 2011-06-14T16:00:00+02:00
June 14 Tuesday

14-06-2011 from 11:30 to 16:00
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Turing Room, Z011

As technology is developing, more and more complex tasks are expected to be performed by machines or computers without any human intervention. An example is the control of unmanned straddle carriers on a container terminal without being instructed by a human driver. A challenge for mathematicians is to find control laws for such sophisticated systems.

  • 2011-05-27T11:00:00+02:00
  • 2011-05-27T12:00:00+02:00
May 27 Friday

27-05-2011 from 11:00 to 12:00

We will have six short presentations by PhD students from throughout the institute:

  • 2008-05-23T11:30:00+02:00
  • 2008-05-23T15:30:00+02:00
May 23 Friday

23-05-2008 from 11:30 to 15:30

25 Years of Concurrency Theory at CWI. Speakers: Jos Baeten, Gerard Holzmann, Jan Bergstra, Moshe Vardi. The SEN2 group at CWI has played a prominent role in concurrency theory since the early 80's, with an emphasis on algebraic techniques for the specification and verification of software systems. Five consecutive leaders of SEN2 started research groups at Dutch universities. Now that concurrency theory is so well established in The Netherlands, CWI has decided to shift the focus of SEN2 to service-oriented computing.

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