Part of CWI’s knowledge transfer is achieved by developing software, and making this available to researchers, industry and society. Some of our open source software tools are aimed to be used by a wide audience; others for scientists or businesses. A selection of our software.

CWI develops software, and makes it available to researchers, industry and society. A number of our software tools is aimed to become the reference software. As an institute, as well as in collaboration with leading consortia, CWI has contributed to new industry standards in multimedia, internet security (NewHope), database management systems (DuckDB) and the development of programming languages. A complete overview can be found in the repository.

Please find a list of selected software products below:

2-IMMERSE: end-to-end platform for interactive, immersive multi-screen broadcast experiences

An open-source, end-to-end platform for developing and deploying interactive, immersive multi-screen broadcast experiences.

Afivo: A framework for adaptive mesh refinement with geometric multigrid methods

Afivo, short for Adaptive Finite Volume Octree, is a framework for adaptive mesh refinement on quadtree (2D) and octree (3D) meshes with shared memory parallelization (OpenMP) and geometric multigrid methods.

ASTRA Toolbox: Commercial-class software for tomography imaging

The ASTRA Toolbox is a MATLAB and Python platform providing scalable, high-performance GPU primitives for 2D and 3D tomography, including building blocks for advanced reconstruction algorithms.

Counter-Cryptanalysis: detecting forged digital MD5, SHA-1 signatures

The Counter-Cryptanalysis project provides a drop-in replacement for the existing cryptographic hash functions MD5 and SHA-1.

CWIPC: dataset and software for social VR and dynamic point clouds

A dynamic point cloud dataset that depicts humans interacting in social XR settings. As part of the release, we provide annotated raw material, resulting point cloud sequences, and an auxiliary software toolbox to acquire, process, encode, and visualize data, suitable for real-time applications.

DuckDB: a high-performance analytical database management system

DuckDB is an embedded database designed to execute analytical SQL queries fast while embedded in another process. It is designed to be easy to install and easy to use.

EasySurrogate: toolkit for creating surrogate models

Surrogate modelling toolkit, including neural-network based tools for the propagation of uncertainty through computational models with high-dimensional input spaces.

EasyVVUQ: toolkit for Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

Enables automated VVUQ that can be deployed on emerging exascale platforms for many domains of interest.