Victor Land

Full Name
V. Land
+31 20 592 4346
CWI Management
Institute coordinator
Victor Land


Dr. Victor Land Institute coordinator Research Center for Quantum Software (QuSoft)


Victor Land is the institute coordinator for QuSoft - the Research Center for Quantum Software.

QuSoft is a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Free University Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) and CWI. About 60 researchers collaborate in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science on topics related to quantum simulation, quantum information science, cryptography and quantum algorithms.

In this role, he supports the directors of the center and acts as a linking pin to the different universities involved in QuSoft, as well as to the outside world, as part of the thriving quantum technology community in the Netherlands.

He has a background in astrophysics (with an MSc in General Astrophysics from Utrecht University) and physics (with a PhD from Utrecht University and the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics). He researched early stages of planet formation in complex ionized media around young stars at the Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Sciences at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, the United States of America as a post-doctorate and research associate.

He continued his career in science support and policy as a program coordinator at FOM, working in the office for public-private partnerships, after which he was the project officer for the Applied Physics department at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Current projects with external funding

  • Groeifonds - QDNL / KAT 1 (Groeifonds)