Jop Briët

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Dr. J. Briët
+31 20 592 4193
Jop Briët


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  • Outstanding paper award TQC (2020)
  • Andreas Bonn medal (2013)
  • Stieltjesprijs (2011)

Professional activities

  • Editor: Theory of Computing
  • Editor: Special issue of ERCIM news
  • Board Member: KWG
  • Chair: Publication committee of PWN
  • Board Member: MathOA
  • Board Member: Quantum.Amsterdam
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Arithmetic progressions in random settings and locally decodable codes. Workshop on Additive Combinatorics. Harvard University
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: SDP-based approximation algorithms and Grothendieck inequalties. Aachen–Bonn–Cologne (ABC) lectures. Cologne
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Quantum query algorithms are not entangled games. Focus week on quantum computing. ICMAT, Madrid
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Arithmetic progressions in nonlocal games and quantum query algorithms. Workshop on analytical and combinatorial methods in quantum information theory. International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), Edinburgh
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Multiplayer XOR games and tensor norms. Workshop on Connes embedding problem. Banff international research station
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Dual functions inapproximable by higher-order characters. Webinar on Additive Combinatorics
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Unavoidable patterns. Landelijke Interuniversitaire Mathematische Olympiade (LIMO)
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Noisy decoding with small circuits and polynomial equidistribution. Workshop on Tensors in Algebraic Complexity and Combinatorics. Centre de recherches mathematiques (CRM), Montreal
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Polynomial maps with biased input-distributions. Workshop on Additive Combinatorics and Algebraic Connections. IAS, Princeton
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Structure versus randomness and applications. Mathematics colloquium. University of Amsterdam
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Discreteness of asymptotic slice rank and asymptotic subrank. SIAM mini-symposium on Asymptotic Algebra and Geometry. TU Eindhoven.
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Randomness and structure in combinatorics, analysis and computer science. Joint mathematics colloquium. Universidad Carlos III, Madrid
  • Speaker: Invited speaker: Grothendieck inequalities and quantum query algorithms. Workshop on Functional Analysis and Quantum Information. ICMAT, Madrid
  • Committee member: 19th Annual Conference on Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (TQC'24)


  • Veni Innovational Research Grant NWO (2014)
  • Rubicon (2012)

Current projects with external funding

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