Daan Crommelin

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Prof.dr. D.T. Crommelin
+31 20 592 4194
Scientific Staff Member, MT member
Daan Crommelin


Daan Crommelin works on stochastic and computational methods for multiscale systems, with applications in climate science and energy systems. Key research interests are model uncertainties due to unresolved processes, uncertainty quantification, and rare events. Crommelin is an associate editor of SIAM Multiscale Modeling & Simulation, co-initiated the Dutch national research program on "Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE). Essential Dynamics and Uncertainty", and was awarded a Vidi grant by NWO.


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Professional activities

  • Editor: Associate Editor: Journal: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation - [MMS]
  • Professor: Professor by special appoinment : Universiteit van Amsterdam - [UvA] - Bijzonder hoogleraar Numerieke Analyse en Dynamische Systemen
  • Board Member: Dutch-Flemish Scientific Computing Society
  • Board Member: National mathematics cluster Nonlinear Dynamics of Natural Systems (NDNS+)


  • EU H2020 FET-HPC project Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications (VECMA) (2018)
  • NLeSC-ASDI grant Towards Large-Scale Cloud-Resolving Climate Simulations (2016)
  • NWO-EW NWO-EW Mathematics of Planet Earth, 2014, Rare Event Simulation for Climate Extremes (2014)
  • NWO-EW NWO-EW Ideas program Mathematics of Planet Earth: Essential Dynamics and Uncertainty, 2013 (2013)
  • NWO Vidi: Stochastic models for unresolved scales in geophysical flows (2012)
  • Shell-NWO/FOM CSER program Reliability and robustness of power grids with uncertain generation (2012)