German Lisa Sauermann best contestant ever in Math Olympiad

Publication date
25 Jul 2011


In Amsterdam the results of the 52nd International Mathematical Olympiad were announced. Eighteen year old German contestant Lisa Sauermann won the IMO 2011 with a perfect score of 42 points. She will receive her fourth golden medal. This makes her the best participant in the history of the IMO. The most successful teams were from China, USA and Singapore.

The Dutch team performed well with two silver, three bronze medals and an honorable mention. Madelon de Kemp from Nijmegen scored highest with 23 out of 42 points. The Netherlands has reached the 28th spot on the rankings, the best result since 1988.

This year, all contestants with an individual score from 28 points onwards receive a gold medal, from 22 points, a silver one and all contestants with a score between 16 points and 22 points, are awarded a bronze medal.

The IMO is the largest science Olympiad in the world. This year, the contest took place in the Netherlands for the first time. 564 of the brightest students, among them 57 girls, from 101 countries took part. Contestants can take part if they are under 20 years old and are still enrolled in a secondary school. 

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Picture: Tribute to Lisa Sauermann at the closing ceremony. Source: IMO