Python nominated for Nationale ICT Awards 2013

Programming language Python, developed at CWI, has been nominated for the COMMIT/Award 2013 for most valuable product resulting from ICT research that is over ten years old. The COMMIT/Award is one of the Nationale ICT Awards that are awarded by Nederland ICT, the Dutch umbrella organization for ICT businesses.  Other contestants in the COMMIT/Award are GameMaker and SWI Prolog.

Python was developed in the early '90s by Guido van Rossum, who was working at CWI at that time. It is an open source language praised for its high readability and support of multiple platforms. It is for instance used in the products of Google and Mozilla, several computer games, Walt Disney Feature Animation, banks and research institutes like NASA and CERN.

The Nationale ICT Awards 2013 will be awarded on Thursday 13 June. CWI spin-off SIG (Software Improvement Group) has been nominated for the ICT Milieu Award for their standardized method for determining the energy profile of software-hardware combinations.

More information:
Nederland ICT press release (in Dutch)
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