Poster award for research on bias

Savvina Daniil won the first prize at the poster prize awards at ICT.OPEN 2023. Her poster on the source of bias in recommender systems was chosen out of 20 abstract submissions.

Publication date
3 May 2023

Daniil, PhD student at the Human-Centered Data Analytics group, works on bias in recommender systems; information filtering systems that provide suggestions for items that are most pertinent to a particular user. In the context of her research, bias refers to the phenomenon where some items are being disproportionally recommended by the system, for example due to their popularity, while other items do not receive any exposure. In her current work, Daniil attempts to trace which parts of the optimization process and which data characteristics bring about this bias.
Her poster was scored on relevance of the research, clarity of the presentation and the design. A special committee decided she won the first prize, an amount of 300 euros.


ICT.OPEN is an annual conference that brings scientists from all ICT research disciplines and industries together to learn, share ideas, and network. It is organized by NWO, the Dutch Research Council. The conference took place in April at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

Savvina Daniil wins poster prize award at ICT Open