Netherlands eScience Center grants two projects at CWI

Publication date
18 Dec 2015

Daan Crommelin (Scientific Computing group) and Gunnar Klau (Life Sciences group) were both awarded an NLeSC-ASDI grant from the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC). The projects, scheduled to start in 2016, are collaborations with research teams from multiple Dutch academic groups and represent the latest step in the continued development of NLeSC’s project portfolio.

Daan Crommelin was awarded a grant for the project "Towards Large-Scale Cloud-Resolving Climate Simulations". In cooperation with meteorological institute KNMI and the TU Delft, he will develop a computational approach to represent clouds and convection processes in climate models. Currently, clouds are not accurately represented in climate models due to computational limitations. The new approach will use state-of-the-art high-performance computing and will employ recently developed algorithmic approaches to bring these computations within the reach of modern supercomputers.

Gunnar Klau and Daan Geerke (VU University Amsterdam) received a grant for their project 'Enhancing Protein-drug Binding Prediction'. In this project, advanced molecular simulation, data handling and graph-theory techniques will be developed, combined and integrated in a heterogeneous computing workflow that aims to enable accurate and efficient binding affinity calculation in applied and industrial settings, e.g., in the context of predicting or optimizing drug binding to flexible proteins with important roles in cancer therapy or drug safety.

The purpose of the ASDI call is to enable domain scientists, working in application fields of Environment & Sustainability, Humanities & Social Sciences, Life Sciences & eHealth, or Physics & Beyond, to address compute-intensive and/or data-driven problems within their research. The projects are supported to the value of €500K (combined cash and in kind provision of eScience Research Engineers) and result from annual peer-reviewed project calls.


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