Neil Olver receives Veni grant for network research

The Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Neil Olver a Veni grant for his project 'Designing better, faster networks'. Olver, who is currently affiliated with the Mathematics department of MIT, will carry out his research at the Operations Research group at VU University Amsterdam and the Networks and Optimization group at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica.

In his research, Olver will be studying the design of efficient networks from a computational approach. Even with the fastest computers, key networking problems in areas such as biology or communications remain very challenging. 

Part of the project concerns a seemingly simple connectivity problem: what is the cheapest way of connecting some specified terminals in a given network? This problem is a fundamental one in the area of network design. A second focus of the project is the design of networks to handle traffic that varies substantially over time. This is often an issue with communications networks in particular, and leads to a number of challenges in building such networks cost-effectively.

The Veni grant is one of the personal grants of NWO established to stimulate talented, creative researchers. It amounts to a maximum of 250.000 euro, allowing the recipient to do research for three years. Obtaining this grant is an important step in a scientific career. The Veni is one of three types of grants under the prestigious Innovational Research Incentives Scheme of NWO.

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