ERCIM News 104 on Big Data in Life Sciences co-coordinated by Roeland Merks

ERCIM News No. 104 was published in January 2016 at

Publication date
20 Jan 2016

ERCIM News No. 104 was published in January 2016 at

This issue features a special theme on "Tackling Big Data in the Life Sciences"
coordinated by guest editors Roeland Merks (CWI) and Marie-France Sagot (Inria)
and with a section "research and society" about "Women in ICT Research and Education", coordinated by Lynda Hardman (CWI).

Contributions from the Netherlands to nr. 104 are:

Tackling Big Data in the Life Sciences - Introduction to the Special Theme by the guest editors Roeland Merks (CWI, Leiden University) and Marie-France Sagot (Inria)

Networks to the Rescue – From Big “Omics” Data to Targeted Hypotheses by Gunnar Klau (CWI, Vrije Universiteit)

Eliminating Blind Spots in Genetic Variant Discovery by Alexander Schönhuth (CWI) and Tobias Marschall (Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken)

Modelling the Growth of Blood Vessels in Health and Disease by Elisabeth G. Rens (CWI), Sonja E. M. Boas (CWI) and Roeland M.H. Merks (UL)

Modelling? Using Standards Can Help You by Brett G. Olivier (VU) and Bas Teusink (VU)

“Because it’s 2016” - Introduction to the section "Women in ICT Research and Education" by Lynda Hardman (CWI and Utrecht University)

In brief

Lynda Hardman President Informatics Europe

QuSoft Research Center for Quantum Software Launched

ERCIM News 104 is also available for download in pdf and EPUB.

Next issue: No. 105, April 2016 - Special Theme: "Planning and Logistics" (see Call for contributions), coordinated by Rob van der Mei (CWI) and Ariona Shashaj (SICS, Swedisch ICT, Sweden). Deadline for contributions: Wednesday 17 February 2016.


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