Early Career Scientist Prize on Plasma Physics awarded to Jannis Teunissen

Jannis Teunissen (CWI) has been awarded the 2023 Early Career Scientist Prize on Plasma Physics by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.

Publication date
20 Jul 2023

Jannis Teunissen (CWI) has been awarded the 2023 Early Career Scientist Prize on Plasma Physics by IUPAP, the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. Teunissen was chosen for several reasons, the jury said: "For the development of a suite of numerical codes to simulate streamer discharges in full 3D with their intricate inner structure, including their interactions and branching statistics, in agreement with experiments, as well as for contributions to codes and predictions for relativistic MHD in astrophysics, and to machine learning for space weather".

Teunissen says: “Models for electric discharges - occurring in lightning and high voltage technology - have been around for a while, but it was never clear how good they worked. Recently we were able to show this for the first time in a quantitative way, by validating simulation codes for electric discharges. We did this in collaboration with experimental partners from Eindhoven. Our team was able to demonstrate that models can quantitatively describe the evolution of single discharge channels as well as the branching of these channels. This is important to know when you have to make decisions based on these models”.

He adds: “This prize came as a complete surprise to me and it is a great honour, especially when looking at former recipients. I now feel some pressure to do well in the rest of my career, like they did!”

Janni Teunissen from CWI.
Janni Teunissen from CWI.

About Jannis Teunissen

Jannis Teunissen is a researcher in the Multiscale Dynamics group at CWI. After studying Physics & Astronomy and Computational Science, he did his PhD research at CWI. For this research on computational plasma physics, focusing on the simulation of electric discharges, he received the predicate ‘cum laude’. In 2015 he won the Student Award of Excellence of the international Gaseous Electronics Conference. After a postdoc period at KU Leuven at the Centre for mathematical Plasma Astrophysics on a personal Belgian fellowship, he returned to CWI. His current research focuses on the computational study of electric discharges, computational (plasma) physics and the application of machine learning.

The 2023 IUPAP Early Career Scientist Prizes were awarded in July 2023. IUPAP aims to assist in the worldwide development of physics, to foster international cooperation and to help in the application of physics to solving problems for humanity. Each year, it awards a series of Early Career Scientist Prizes for several research areas in physics. These prizes recognize the contributions of physicists with up to 8 years of research experience after their PhDs. The award consists of a certificate, a medal and a monetary award. The winners will give a presentation at an international conference.