Read the experiences of CWI researchers

Futureproofing computer security

CWI researcher Lisa Kohl: “Cryptography is the perfect way to combine my passion for mathematics with my desire to contribute to a bigger purpose and do something useful. There are many questions that are yet to be solved, and it’s a very exciting research area.” Read the full story.

Better statistics leads to better research

Judith ter Schure recently finished her PhD in the Machine Learning Group at CWI. She was motivated to do a PhD in statistics by the innovative and inspiring work of her supervisor, Professor Peter Grünwald. He was working on a new statistical method that would allow researchers to analyse data from experiments while they were still ongoing. “It’s a methodology that allows you to stop, start, monitor, and continue whenever you want. And the decisions to do so do not affect the validity of the analysis,” Judith explains. Read the full story.

Making the invisible visible

Sophia Coban helped develop and establish the FleX-ray Lab at CWI's Computational Imaging group. The lab is centred around a state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) machine which uses X-rays to look inside objects and create a 3D rendering of it almost instantaneously. The real time data processing makes it possible to adjust the scanner mid scan, allowing scientists to get more useful information from these scans than with other machines. Read the full story.