Abstract and bio of Saco Bekius and Steven Klusener

Saco Bekius and Steven Klusener with "Questions to Shape the Future of Your COBOL Legacy"


Questions to Shape the Future of Your COBOL Legacy

COBOL applications are essential in our society, playing a role in tasks such as child benefit, AOW, unemployment benefits, tax collection, insurance, banking, and administrative processes in production and retail.

During the session, speakers address key questions crucial for shaping the future of these applications. Topics covered are:

  1. Maintaining knowledge about the applications
    2. Exploring opportunities for modernization
    3. Establishing a business case for modernization
    4. Developing a change strategy
    5. Subjects for fundamental research

This session is valuable for employees overseeing existing applications, technology providers, and scientists aiming to advance the knowledge in this field.


Saco Bekius - Principal Advisor
Saco educated as software engineer, combines his technical expertise with a profound appreciation for nature and her systems. With a 40-year career spanning various roles, his journey has been marked by a consistent theme—the challenges faced by government organizations in the realm of ICT.

From hands-on programming shifted his role towards design and strategy. In this shift Saco witnessed the intricate dynamics within ICT teams. Notably, he saw significant disparities among teams: some consistently delivering high-quality solutions within predefined timelines, while others progress at a steady pace or face stagnation.

Saco's experience is that enhancing governance is only part of the equation in addressing the complexities inherent in ICT endeavors.

Steven Klusener - Software Engineer
Steven is a software engineer with an academic and an industrial background. He was one of the founders of the Software Improvement Group, and is now freelancing at UWV.
His interests and expertise cover everything that has to do with dealing with industrial software systems and legacy systems in particular.
He has extensive experience in the analysis and modernisation of COBOL software, and applying meta technology such as Rascal and its predecessor ASF+SDF. Steven is currently involved in rebuilding one of UWV's main systems.
He is harvesting the relevant parts from the legacy system.