Reinier Vis with "How to use code insights to drive your legacy modernization"


Many organisations that run COBOL on a mainframe are thinking of migrating their legacy system to another platform or programming language. The options they have are:
- replatform the COBOL system from the mainframe to e.g. the cloud,
- rebuild the entire system in a modern technology,
- convert all COBOL code to e.g. Java/C#, or
- perform a gradual modernisation by re-implementing parts in a separate

In this presentation, Reinier presents a case study in which SIG helped their client create a roadmap based on which parts could best be migrated, and in what order. The presentation will focus on the insights one could get from the existing system, which help determine the prioritisation and the order on the modernisation roadmap.


Reinier Vis is a principal consultant at the Software Improvement Group (SIG). In the past 17 years, he has analysed hundreds of systems and advised his clients in the Netherlands and internationally on how to best achieve their goals.

Reinier has all-round experience with a wide variety of programming paradigms and programming languages, including various legacy- and low-code technologies.

Since 2017, he heads the ISO 17025 certified analysis lab at SIG, and trains the group of highly specialized technical consultants that forms the backbone of all advisory services provided by SIG.