ERCIM Workshop on Blockchain Engineering

ERCIM Workshop on Blockchain Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities for Computer Science Research.

8 May 2018 from 11 a.m. to 8 May 2018 noon CEST (GMT+0200)
CWI, Amsterdam

ERCIM Workshop on Blockchain Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities for Computer Science Research.

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has gained widespread attention by the general public. Major companies like Facebook have announced that they are considering significant projects based on this technology. The purpose of this workshop is to look at what the general excitement about blockchain technologies means for computer science research and to identify the major research challenges in this area. During 2017, a first ERCIM workshop on Blockchain Technology and a special issue of ERCIM news revealed that blockchain engineering touches upon  a wide variety of very diverse areas of computer science research, including:

  • P2P networks;
  • distributed systems (in particular scalability);
  • cryptography (with a focus on crypto-agility);
  • consensus-building and validation;
  • software engineering (smart contracts);
  • protocol design;
  • process modelling and governance.

The ERCIM workshop on Blockchain Technology will further explore the opportunities for computer science research in the area. The aim is to establish Blockchain Engineering as a new field of computer science research. Goals include:

  • solidifying and incubating the fledgling community of Blockchain technology research;
  • fostering an 'interdisciplinary' exchange between researchers specialised in the various CS research fields covered by blockchain technology;
  • establishing a roadmap documenting ongoing research and open research questions in the rapidly moving field of blockchain technology;
  • developing, analysing and evaluating Blockchain applications, networks and infrastructures.


The workshop welcomes submissions of unpublished contributions covering the theoretical and practical aspects of the blockchain technology from academia, government, industry, and contributing individuals. All submissions should be in PDF.

  • Full papers should consist of 5-10 pages;
  • Posters should consist of a 1-2 page description of the poster or a draft of the poster itself.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Accepted papers will receive a DOI and will be published in an open access library. We plan to also publish selected papers in a subsequent journal or book.

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