CWI Soirée and Van Wijngaarden Awards

The Van Wijngaarden Awards are awarded to computer scientist Marta Kwiatkowska and mathematician Susan A. Murphy for the numerous and highly significant contributions they made to their respective research areas: preventing software faults and improving decision making in health.

The five-yearly award is established by CWI, the national research institute for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands, and is named after former CWI director Aad van Wijngaarden. The winners receive the prize during a during a festive soirée in Amsterdam. 
After we had to cancel the event in November 2021, we have rescheduled for Thursday 3 November 2022.

Because of limitations on the number of physical attendees, CWI has sent personal invitations to this event. We would like to invite you to join our live stream of the soirée.
The link for the live stream is:

Preliminary program:

19.00 doors open
19.30 start & welcome Ton de Kok
19.40 laudatio by Krzysztof Apt
19.45 award presentation by Marcel Levi
19.50 award winner Marta Kwiatkowska
20.20 intermezzo
20.50 laudatio by Peter Grünwald
20.55 award presentation by Marcel Levi
21.00 award winner Susan A. Murphy
21.30 closing Ton de Kok
21.35- 22.30 drinks

The five-yearly Van Wijngaarden Award is named after Adriaan van Wijngaarden (1916–1987). Van Wijngaarden was directly involved in the introduction of the computer in the Netherlands and has been of invaluable importance for CWI and the evolution of the computer in our country. He is also one of the founders of computer science in the Netherlands and laid the foundation for several mainstream computer languages. Van Wijngaarden was the director of the Mathematical Center from 1961-1980, currently known as Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI).

It is the fourth time the Van Wijngaarden Awards are awarded. Previous awards went to Nancy Lynch and Persi Diaconis (2006), Éva Tardos and John Butcher (2011) and Sara van de Geer and Xavier Leroy (2016). The Van Wijngaarden Award consists of a bronze sculpture by Hanneke van den Bergh.

More information: Marta Kwiatkowska and Susan Murphy win Van Wijngaarden Awards 2021 for preventing software faults and for improving decision making in health